Tennis Elbow/ Lateral Epicondylopathy/ Lateral Epicondylitis
Tennis elbow is a painful irritation of wrist extensor muscles that typically occurs in overuse injuries. The elbow serves as a link between the shoulder and wrist, therefore many biomechanical flaws at these joints can lead to elbow pain; more specifically tennis elbow.

Although named after the sport of tennis, other individuals and athletes can be affected as well.

Tennis elbow is the most common cause of elbow pain.

If you've ever dealt with tennis elbow, you understand how frustrating it feels.

Tennis elbow is a byproduct of excessive force or repetitive movement, combined with improper biomechanics.
Certain occupations and activities are predisposed:
  • Tennis
  • Pickleball
  • Carpentry
  • Desk workers
  • Baseball players
The classical presentation includes pain over the lateral (outside) aspect of the elbow, and symptoms often begin following overuse-type activity, without a specific trauma.
Additional racquet-related risk factors include:
  • Using a new, heavy racquet/ paddle
  • Excessive grip size
  • Hitting heavy tennis balls
How long does it take to recover from tennis elbow?
Recovery time is dependent on a variety of factors.
  • Age
  • Health of the patient
  • Commitment to the process of the patient

Recovery for patients suffering from tennis elbow can last from several weeks, to months, to even a year.

Tennis elbow is commonly misdiagnosed with cervical radiculopathy, therefore a proper evaluation must be performed to rule out any neck involvement.
How to manage tennis elbow?
Initially, you may require selective modification of activities to allow the body to rebuild.

We create a rehabilitation treatment plan specific to your needs to ensure the pain doesn't come back in the future; and if it does, you're well educated on how to perform your own plan.

Surgery and corticosteroid injections should only be taken into consideration in a few selected severe cases where conservative management has already been attempted.

The goal of rehab is to carefully balance stimulating a controlled musculotendinous inflammatory response without causing greater injury or exacerbating symptoms.
How we treat tennis elbow at Kinesis Chiropractic?
In our Davie & Weston Chiropractic office, we take a detailed history of your injury and perform a thorough examination of your hand and wrist, assess any neurological deficits to rule out any other condition and to determine if you truly have tennis elbow.

Our goal is to not only provide you with the correct diagnosis, but determine the root cause of your injury and create an individualized treatment plan specifically for you.

Treatment for tennis elbow consists of:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Soft tissue treatment
  • Exercise rehabilitation
If you're dealing with pain and suspect you may be experiencing tennis elbow like symptoms, we are here for you.
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